Tracy's Little Secrets
Counting My Blessings

So when Nicky and I were at the hospital and Nicky was in the playroom, there were two young girls with crew cuts in there.  Their parents looked worn out, and I asked what was wrong with their child and they said she had a kidney infection.

The mother proceeded to tell me that their youngest kept running quite a high fever and they thought it was the flu.  She’d never complained about pain though.  Well, after battling her fever, they finally brought the girl in and the doctor said she had quite a kidney infection.  She said.  “Not once did *Jane say she was in pain.”

I said.  “Some kids are like that.”

The woman obviously needed to talk.  She said, “Well, we’ve been going through quite a lot lately.”

I said, “Yeah, kids will try to protect us.”  The girl must have been five.

The woman said, “Yeah, we’ve been in the homeless shelter for awhile.”

Sometimes, I have it tough.  I have chronic pain.  Financially, I’m not well off, but things could be worse.  To be houseless is pretty darn rough, and at least I have a roof over my head.  I hope that family’s situation improve.  I pray it does.  Especially with two kids.  As a parent, it’s even more difficult when our problems backlash onto our kids.

It’s me!

It’s me!